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Wellbeing workshops and away days.
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Yoga Skills for Stress Resilience

Learn why stress can be good for us.
Together we see how to...

  • See stress positively.
  • Manage stress with simple yoga techniques.
  • Eat for stress resilience.
  • Feel empowered and motivated in your work.

Package & Modules

A package can be priced for a selection of modules or a full one day package of all modules.

  • Hot or Power yoga session for fun and team building.
  • How to breathe for stress resilience - talk and seated exercises.
  • Yoga mobility session - a mix of seated & wall modified stretches & restorative poses.
  • Mindfulness for stress resilience - Talk & practice.
  • Intention setting, goal setting and Yoga Nidra relaxation.
  • How to Eat for Stress Resilience - talk and handout.

Priced on application dependent on length of workshop and number of attendees.
A healthy lunch or snack can be provided by Northfield Catering or alternatively atendees can buy lunch/snacks at the cafeteria.
Attendees can use Northfields facilities including the Winter gardens, lounge seating and IT room.

Wellbeing & Work

I lead all sessions, I am Claire Arnott, founder of Sky Blue Yoga.

Yoga for stress resilience is something I am passionate about sharing.
I first sought yoga to relieve the pressures of a demanding job. I thought at the time I needed to eliminate stress from my life, yet life at times is stressful by design.

Our lives today wreak havoc on our mind and bodies making us vulnerable to 'stress', with yoga skills we can empower ourselves to live fuller more rewarding lives not afraid of stress but empowered and stress resilient.

Community Courses

Yoga Skills for life - enabling those with complex needs to learn simple yoga techniques. Supporting health & wellbeing and encouraging independent living. Classes are fun, interactive and social. Classes include breathing, movement, mindfulness, self expression, imagination, relaxation.

Pricing can be discussed to suit the number of individuals involved and requirements specific to the group. We endeavour to keep pricing low to this user group for inclusivity and accessibility.
Minimum 5 people to a group booking.

Further Information & Bookings