Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Your guide to antenatal and postnatal classes hosted in Stafford by Claire

Sky blue Yoga has come together with Nuture Stafforshire to offer a comprehensive range of classes for pregnancy, birth and your first year postnatal.

What's it all about?

The benefits of wellbeing practice in Pregnancy, birth and the early days after baby is born are vast. Yoga asana, Mindfulness, breathing & Pranayama, as well as Nurturing Birth classes and Active Birth Workshops can not only transform your experience of pregnancy and labour but promote all round better health for you and your baby.

Why take Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnancy yoga offers a plethora of physical, mental and spiritual benefits for both mother & baby.
It’s an opportunity to invest nurturing instincts, nourishing your own mind and body whilst beginning the bonding process with your unborn child.
Pregnancy yoga is suitable for anyone 14 weeks pregnant onwards. Pregnancy yoga classes have around 12-15 mums-to-be per class and incorporate yoga asana, breathing, relaxation, chat and a cuppa!

What are Nurturing Birth classes?

After 34 weeks of pregnancy you have the choice to continue your classes or move onto Nurturing birth classes.
Held in smaller groups of maximum six, stretching, breathing and relaxing can be tailored to your unique journey to birth.
These supportive classes incorporate all you have learnt in pregnancy yoga with antenatal techniques and active birth skills. Classes are taught by teacher and therapist Victoria Clowes in her Home Studio, a short walk from Stafford Northfields Centre.
The classes are independent but endorsed by Sky Blue Yoga.

Can you combine Pregnancy Yoga and Nurturing Birth classes?

Yes of course, if your still enjoying the large group and more energetic poses we won't stop you but we recommend Nurturing Birth classes based on feedback.
Many ladies in the third trimester, prefer smaller groups, with more privacy and opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.
We hope this way to meet the needs and demands of all you Mummies out there, empowering you to make the right choices for you and baby.

What is Couples Active Birth?

Nurtring Birth Workshop will leave you both feeling confident, well informed and prepared for your baby’s birth.
Find out more here.

What's next?

Mummy and Me Yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, meet other new mums, stretch and relax. Learn More. Book Mummy and Me yoga?
We also offers classes ideal for your first year postnatal - gentle and relaxing yoga classes suitable for your post pregnancy and post birth body.
These are not exclusive to postnatal ladies but you will undoubtedly connect with other mums.
These classes are suitable from six weeks postnatal onwards - Gentle Flow (candlelit yoga) and Yin Yoga.

Can I practice the other classes like hot yoga or Power yoga?

If your looking for something stronger why not book a one to one with Claire or April and learn how to modify poses, empowering yourself to safely practice postnatally and join any class on our schedule.
Postnatal Mummy's can book one to ones at a special incentive price.

Further Information & Bookings