Balance Holistics Therapy

Weekday availability and Saturday 1pm-6pm

Reiki healing / energy therapy

A none invasive no hands treatment. Ideal for stress relief, sleep problems and general mind calming. Can be combined with other treatments for a full head to toe reset.

Hot stone therapy

A wonderful deep heat treatment. Ideal after a work out or just a way to relax and unwind. With this treatment I use natural basalt stones which are heated and then placed along your chakra points, across the arms and down the legs. Can be combined with reiki healing or as a treatment alone.


Relax and unwind with this fragrant full body massage. Helps soothe stresses and strains both mentally and physically. All aromatherapy oils are natural and are mixed with you in mind.

Indian Head Massage

A wonderful relaxing head, neck, upper back and arm massage. Can be combined with fragrant oils to suit you.

Swedish massage

Intensive full body treatment. Relaxes your entire being. Can be combined with aromatherapy treatments for £35.00

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