I'm Lee

pleased to meet you

About me...

I'm a Staffordshire based, qualified Qigong teacher and Student Zen Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. Both practices have helped me through very stressful times in my life and it is this that I wish to share with other people. I came to Qigong through my love of martial arts, this in turn quietened my busy brain and naturally led on to a love of meditation.

What to expect from my classes...

You will be given a toolbox of techniques to calm and energise both mind and body to help deal with the many stresses of living in this fast moving modern world. It’s important to be good to other people in life. But equally you need to be good to yourself. These classes will do just that, take some time for you.

Both Qigong and Zen are ancient practices that have roots going back for thousands of years, they have definitely stood the test of time. Although both Qigong and Zen are from religious backgrounds (Daoism and Buddhism) both are taught in a completely non-religious way. To keep up to date with my classes why not like my Facebook page for Stafford Health Qigong.

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