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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which class is for me?

You can read about the different yoga styles we offer here.
If your still not sure try our £27.50 Intro Offer of 30 days unlimited Classes
Read our FAQ’s and what people say about our classes

Why would you practice Yoga in heat?

There are a number of reasons: one is that our skin is the largest organ of our body. With the heat, you will sweat and this releases toxins from the body. The heat and sweat therefore helps you detoxify. The heat also warms the body and encourages muscle suppleness, joint mobility and flexibility. This means you can have a deeper yoga practice, and the chance of injury is reduced.

Heat provides a challenge - sweating and letting-go feels great, and at the end of a practice you will feel physically, mentally and emotionally cleansed. Don’t worry though, it’s not too hot. We keep the yoga studio at a comforting temperature that makes it feel like you are practicing on a hot sunny day than in a sauna.

How hot is the room?

Our studio is heated from 28 - 32 degrees Celsius.

What kind of yoga are Sky Blue Yoga Classes?

All Sky Blue Yoga classes are based on a Power Vinyasa Yoga sequence. Vinyasa means flow. When we say flow we mean one yoga pose leads into the next. We also teach a breathing exercise which you’ll practice throughout the yoga class, so on another level you’re flowing with your breath. We are flexible in our approach (pardon the pun) and believe in 'yoga practice not yoga perfect'. You’re free to take the modifications or child's pose for as long as your body needs it

I'm not flexible, can I still attend a Hot or Power Yoga classes?

This is a question we get asked all the time. We don’t expect you to be flexible or strong before attending a class, this is what you will develop with regular practice. In hot classes the heat will encourage the muscles to become more supple and your flexibility will improve. Power yoga’s deep stretches and the subtler stretching with in Gentle flow classes will still work on all-round flexibility with time and regular practice.

I'm not strong, will I be able to attend a Hot or Power Yoga Classes?

Similar to the question above, you’re not expected to be strong or flexible to attend our hot classes. Yoga is for everyone, so we have all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of students. Our yoga classes will help you cultivate a balance of strength and flexibility as you attend regularly.

What should I wear?

Yoga wear, Sports clothing, clothing easy to move in or gym gear. For hot yoga men mostly wear shorts and vests or t-shirts, Women wear leggings and vests.

What do I need to bring?

You are welcome to bring a Mat, towel and water but we also sell bottled water and hire small hand towels in the studio.

Where are classes held?

Take a look at our Studio & Location page here.

Why are Gentle Flow classes practiced in a candlelit room?

The candle lit room and light music creates and ambient and soothing environment for your gentle asana practice.

Is the Gentle Flow class a hot class?

The room will be a comfortable indoor temperature but IS NOT heated like the hot classes.